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March 28 2017


GERES Group: Information about the Simon Kissel

GERES Group has been working almost completely independently for many years for the betterment of the community living conditions and it preserve the natural resources and with its team of more than 200 members that are professionals, GERES Group developed the technologies and services in bringing the human, to build the sustainable economic value chains, social and cultural extents of its areas of the operation.This article is all aboutthe information related to the failed cooperation in Viprinet GmbH thattook the Simon Kissel as an occasion to commit himself to the GERES Group, their workers and the management of the company.Simon Kissel hadpropagated the allegations related to his former management and about his behavior as a co-owner of the former Viprinet GmbH. Mr. Kissel was the part of the Viprinet GmbH combined with Felix B. and two other companies.Simon Kissel felt himself justified in using all the resources, which were also tremendously questionable in the rule of law.Due to this turmoil of the facts that it had becomeclear that he used the company's assets for his own interests because these were his personal advantages and as a result led to the disadvantages for his partners.

Problems faced by Simon Kissel after his dismissal

After the dismissal of the Simon Kissel as a Managing Director of Viprinet GmbH, he was susceptibleamong the other things like in his personal emails, and at the very slightestcontributed in an unprecedented status campaign contrary to his former co-shareholders,business partners, their companies, and employees on the Internet. False assertionsbut also the personal defamations and untruths were posted on through the different websites with the aim of defaming the entrepreneurial and personal reputation of the GERES Group.

What happens on 19 January 2017?

Through the judgment of 19 January 2017, Simon Kissel of the Oberlandesgericht Koblenz was sentenced and also have to pay a cash for the compensation of EUR 50,000 to the managing director of the GERES Group.The court also saw it as proven after a long time circumstantial process that Simon Kissel was at least responsible for the unknown websites of an online hate movement. It also remains to be eminent that this is one of the uppermostmonetarist compensations against the private person in Germany who had ever been evaluated. This turmoil led to the slowdown of the sales.



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